Let’s Throw a Tea Party

In the past few years, the Tea Party has taken on a divisive meaning, one that obscures its origins and applies a proud bit of history to a hot-button issue. If you’re looking for Sarah Palin’s Tea Party, you’ve come to the wrong place.

This Tea Party is one that celebrates Boston’s revolutionary history in a cup. It’s been over 200 years since those standing up to the crown steeped some fine tea in the Boston Harbor, and we people of New England still brew our own. We make our own beer. We roast our own coffee. We grow our own tea. We crush our own grapes. And by God, it’s delicious.

We do not claim to be experts. Sometimes, we will be just as inexperienced and untried as any other. But what we hope to accomplish with this blog is to show people that you do not need some otherworldly talents or education to appreciate distinctions among seemingly mysterious drinks.

Join me and my friends as we explore all that our mugs and glasses have to offer. We’ll share the latest news, our own recipes, and history lessons as we see fit. While some of what you find here may be Boston-centric, I assure you that most of it can be appreciated in any part of the world.

So drink up. We’ve got work to do.

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About mdoyl44

Mike Doyle spent four years at Hampshire College studying movies, television, music, comics, and video games. He brews his own beer, prefers red wine and straight espresso, and would love a pot of Sencha tea right now.

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