Who’s Brewin’?

Here are the stories of our regular contributors…

Wolfie Barn. According to research done on the animal, the barn wolf seems more interested in “tasting” than “drinking.” It can usually be found in Pavement Coffeehouses and ERCs in Boston, where it is employed as head barista. It has also been sighted brewing beer with Daria Whalen.

Despite its reputation for enjoying tasty beverages, the barn wolf’s refusal to reveal its favorite drinks has led many to doubt the accuracy of some studies on this creature. Is the barn wolf some Philistine breed of dog, devoid of taste? Or does its sensitive palate simply enjoy all tasty cups with equal fervor?

Jackie Divis Doyle often drinks things; as she once told a friend, “It keeps the death away.” Although her primary interests in her younger (but post–age 21!) years were beer, wine, and tea, she has since come to appreciate coffee with at least as much fervor. It was a very proud day when she learned to drink her coffee black, and she’s slowly acquiring a taste for espresso. She will try anything German at least once—and probably more.

Jackie isn’t much for “favorites,” but she does particularly enjoy the following liquid consumables:

  • Beer: A good pumpkin ale or Weißbier, O’Hara’s Irish Stout (“like Guinness, but more interesting”), anything German (see above)
  • Wine: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (“perfection”), Cabernet Sauvignon, (dry) Riesling
  • Coffee: Ethiopian and Guatemalan beans
  • Tea: Yerba mate (“happiness in a cup”), rooibos chai

Mike Doyle is an avid drinker. While he has long been a fan of tea, beer, and wine, it took a while for him to develop a taste for coffee. It wasn’t until he began learning about how and where coffee is grown affects its taste that he began to appreciate coffee done right.

He brews his own beer with his fiancée, Jackie. Their first batch was brewed on June 23, 2011 and was named Tinúviale.

Mike’s favorites:

  • Beer: Haandbryggeriet Good Force, a Norweigian wheat beer with honey and chamomile. So far, Mike has only found it on tap at Brookline’s Publick House, and intermittently at best.
  • Wine: A good Cabarnet Sauvignon goes a long way.
  • Coffee: Counter Culture’s Jagong Sumatra.
  • Tea: There’s nothing quite like a hot cup of sencha.

Markus McVay will tell you more about himself soon enough.

Maggie Serva will tell you more about herself soon enough.

Daria Whalen has an odd caveat to liking things—she likes them frequently and deeply, and this extends only to beer and gin. And cheese plates. Her good friend Brendan once said, “Daria’s tombstone will read ‘Daria liked beer.'” Her favorite breweries come with an emotional attachment that extends “brand loyalty” to where she may often rant about the importance of Narragansett Brewery in terms of “American business” and defend their beer unsolicited. (A gift and a curse.) She loves making things, mostly origami cranes (that’s as far as she got in the book), and staring at maps (fascinating and racist—really, they are!). She refers to sips as “flavor rides” and, due to a touch of synesthesia, can’t taste anything without rapid-fire memories. (The flavor “orange” reminds her of “deer.”) She brews with Wolfie, and their first batch is a clone of Racer 5 that will be named either “Rural Juror 5” (homage to their fav show, 30 Rock) or “Racer Blithe” (homage to Nelly Blithe, feminist and journalist that no one who’s brewing has any attachment to except for that it is a nice pun!)

Favorites? Sure, why not.

  • Beer: Three breweries that I love everything from are Brooklyn (their lager is my favorite beer—ever), Bear Republic (try anything—I dare you to not like it), and Narragansett (see the aforementioned attachment to Rhode Island and their financial troubles). So, Brooklyn Lager, Bear Republic Racer 5, and Narragansett Lager.
  • Tea: For those who don’t know this, I defend Russian Caravan as if it were my first born. Also, can’t go wrong with some Gen Mai Cha.
  • I like no other beverages except for Gin. I like that cheap and often.